Actor Bernard Cribbins, titan of children’s entertainment, has died at the age of 93

Actor Bernard Cribbins, who delighted British children for generation, has died at the age of 93.

Bernard Cribbins, a beloved British entertainer whose seven-decade career spanned from the bawdy "Carry On" comedy to children's television and "Doctor Who"

Agent Gavin Barker Associates announced on Thursday the death of Cribbis.

Friendly character actor, cribbins is the presence of childhood for many generations of Britons

He played the Porter Albert Station in the 1970 classic film "The Railway Children" and voiced all the characters in "The Wombles".

Cribbins is also the sound of the squirrel road -Safty Tufty Fluffytel in a series of public information films,

and holds a record for the most appearance - more than 100 - on the TV series tells the story of children -children "Jacknorie".

Born in 1928 to a poor family in Oldham, north-west England,

Cribbins dropped out of school at the beginning of a teenager and started his career as a stage manager and bit player in the regional reperory theater.