"Goodfellas" Movie  Actor Paul Sorvino was died at the age of 83

Paul Sorvino died at the age of 83, who played gangster Pauly Cicero in the famous classic mob movie "Goodfellas"

Paul Sorvino became very famous in the role of Police Sergeant Phil Serrata in the famous 1960's TV show "Law and Order".

He died in Florida and according to reports the cause of his death was natural.

 "I am So sad. My heart is broken. My love, my life and the most wonderful person I've ever lived, is gone."

His wife, Dee De Sorvino, tweeted:

Sorvino was born 1939 in Brooklyn, He was very fond of learning music in his childhood.

He wanted to become an opera singer, but his luck was in acting.

In his long career, he appeared in several movies and TV shows such as "That Championship Season", "Dick Tracy", "Reds", "Nixon".

Sorvino has three children, of whom Mira Sorvino is also an actor.