Today is the 113th birth anniversary of the poetess Balamani Amma, who is called the grandmother of Malayalam literature.

On this occasion, Google search engine has remembered Balamani Amma by making a special doodle.

Poets may no longer be in this world, but leaving their poems for the world, they become immortal forever.

Poems of famous poet 'Nalpat Balamani Amma' who wrote in Malayalam language are inspiring.

The famous poet 'Nalpat Balamani Amma' who wrote his poems in Malayalam language and her poems are very inspiring.

Today, on her 113th birth anniversary, Google has remembered her through his special doodle. Which has been prepared by artist Devika Ramachandran.

Balamani Amma was greatly influenced by the poems of Nalapat Narayan Menon and the poet Vallathol Narayan Menon.

Balamani Amma was born in Thrissur district of Kerala and did not take any formal education, yet she went on to become such a great poet.

More than 20 prose translations of Balamani Amma have been published.

The love for children and grandchildren is reflected in her poems. That is why she has been given the title of mother and grandmother of poetry.

Amma died in 2004 and was cremated with full honours.