Intel Arc A750 Graphics more powerfull than GeForce RTX 3060

Intel tests the Arc A750 desktop graphics card in five games and reveals performance

Intel's upcoming desktop GPU based on the ACM-G10 processor 

delivers 17% better performance than the GeForce RTX 3060 at 2560×1440 resolution in five games.

Those games include Cyberpunk 2077, F1 2021, Borderlands, Control and Fortnite.

The Arch A750 is expected to pack 24 Xe-Cores and 12GB GDDR6 memory.

This model has two power connectors (6pin and 8pin), which consume more than 225W of power.

Intel hasn't confirmed a launch date or pricing for its A750 GPUs,

but these 'high-performance' SKUs should officially launch later this summer.

Now the teaser of the A750 Limited Edition graphics card has surfaced.