iPhone and iPad users viewing links to external sign-up pages on Netflix

Netflix has now started directing users on the iPhone and iPad to a link to an external webpage,

Just a few months after Apple gave "reader" apps access to digital content like Netflix and Spotify link sign-up pages on its website.

Netflix didn't provide an external signup link in its iPhone and iPad apps - or even tell users where they can sign up.

Before accessing the app, users had to navigate to Netflix's website from their web or mobile browser to sign up for the service.

The setup made it confusing for new users who would think they would be able to sign up for Netflix using the app

Whenever users open the Netflix app on iPhone and iPad, they see an external link that users can use to sign up for Netflix's service.

When users tap on the link they see a message warning they are "about to leave the app" and go to an external website

It also notes that none of the transactions on the external page are associated with Apple

There are also layers to submit "entitlements" to allow developers to add external links to their apps.