James Cameron talks 'Avatar' re-release and a "revival" of the movie-watching experience

James Cameron recently re-watched a completely reimagined avatar with his kids,

and it got him excited for the film's upcoming re-release in theaters.

His kids, like a lot of people, have watched the film streaming or on Blu-ray on the big screen since Avatar was first released in 2009. 

When he saw film in a theater with his father, he understood his splendor as something else,

Which according to Cameron he hopes to be the same for everyone who sees it during the release on September 23.

In an interview with The New York Times, Cameron said, "Young movie fans never had the opportunity to see it in a movie theater." 

"Even though they think they might have watched a movie, they are not really looking at it.

And I was very surprised, not only how good it survived, but how beautiful it was in a reconstructed state. "