James Webb Space Telescope: NASA released 4 new color pictures of the universe, such a wonderful sight would never have been seen before

US space agency NASA has released 4 new color photographs from its most powerful space telescope, the James Webb.

These are the most high-resolution color photographs of the universe ever seen.

Four additional photos released on Tuesday reveal yet another beautiful picture of the universe.

Five galaxies are seen together in this picture. Four of these are interconnected, while one is separate.

The southern ring planetary nebula is shown in this picture. It is also known as NGC 3132.

Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas in space. The gas usually consists of hydrogen, helium and ionized gas.

A dim star confined to a small bright star within its orbit is slowly dying. Due to which the gas and dust present inside this star are coming out.

Baby stars hidden behind a veil of dust and gas in the Cosmic Cliffs are visible in this James Webb Space Telescope photo.

This space telescope is essentially meant to guide infrared cosmology.

It is the most impressive telescope at any point operating in space.