Kate Moss reveals the mess of the fashion industry, When she was asked to go topless at the age of 15, she picked up her stuff and ran away.

She was feeling something wrong, so she found her belongings and ran away.

Kate Moss has revealed that when I was 15, she ran away from a photographer when he asked her to take off her bra.

Now 48 years old, she told BBC Desert Island Disc that she had taken off her top when asked, despite being "really shy about my body".

After that she asked me to take off my bra, so I thought something was wrong, so I picked up my stuff and ran away.

She rose to fame two years later after a photoshoot at Camber Sands Beach in East Sussex.

Moss told presenter Lauren LaVerne that it was "painful" to miss a photoshoot with fashion photographer Corinne Day for the magazine The Face.

She cried a lot because she was uncomfortable being naked.

She didn't want to take off her top, but she did it at his behest.

She was really self-conscious about her body and she says if you don't take your top I'm not going to book you for Elle then I cried a lot