Mega Millions jackpot rises to $630 million on Tuesday after no winner matches all 6 numbers

The number of Gold Mega Ball was 25 and the rest of the balls were numbered 2, 31, 32, 37, 70.

The jackpot of $555 million was the fifth largest jackpot in lottery history.

The next drawing for the $360 million prize will be on Friday.

The four big winners on Tuesday won $1 million by scoring the first five points.

According to the lottery, the Mega Ball and the first four numbers match fifty-two winners,

on April 15 $20 million jackpot was won

And now the number of tickets won in each prize level has risen to 15.5 million

Three other jackpots have been won this year - the $426 million prize won on January 28 in California.

The $128 million jackpot was won in New York on March 8th and the $110 million jackpot was won in Minnesota on April 12th.