More than 300 million items have been sold during the 'biggest' Prime Day event on Amazon.

Amazon says the Prime Day event, which ended on Wednesday, was its "biggest" of the year.

The Amazon company says more than 300 million items worldwide were purchased during this two-day discount bonus, but did not disclose total sales.

Rising world inflation also did not deter consumers from shopping, with consumers shopping for home goods, electronics and Amazon-branded devices the most.

Prime members worldwide bought over 100,000 items per minute during this discount with Amazon's two-day event.

Numerator data revealed that approximately 58% of orders in 21,306 households were placed for items less than $20.

During Amazon's Prime Day event in the U.S. Online retail sales exceeded $11.9 billion in the U.S.

This Amazon Prime Day livestreaming was viewed over 100 million times.

Amazon shares fell more than 2% on Thursday morning after Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon has lost more than a third of its product stock this year