New emoji coming soon to your smartphone

If you've ever wanted to high-five someone in your group texts, you may soon have in your mobile

Among the shortlist of possible new emoji to be released later this year is a new "pushing hand" gesture that looks like a high-five.

It also includes some emoji: a trembling face, a knob of ginger ale, and a hair pick for styling textured locks.

A popular emoji reference site, on Wednesday, released sample images for more than a dozen new emoji

The draft list also includes the maracas, a long-awaited pink heart, and a section, a traditional symbol of Sikhism.

The editor-in-chief of Emojipedia said in a blog post accompanying the new images, which were released this Sunday ahead of World Emoji Day.

Final approval by Unicode is due in September.

The emoji will then be released as a software update on major platforms from late 2022 to 2023.

According to an analysis released by Emojipedia, the new options come as the use of emoji on Twitter is at a record-high level.

in the highest instances of emoji-per-tweet since our records began in July of 2011