Ricky Martin denies claims of sexual and romantic relationship with his nephew

Ricky Martin stated that he "had no sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew". these are false allegations

Ricky Martin's lawyer Marty Singer said Friday that his client has been charged with domestic abuse by a younger family member in Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, whoever made this claim is still dealing with deep mental health challenges, Martin's lawyer told Deadline today.

"As soon as a judge looks at the facts, we wait for this terrible case to be dismissed," says Ricky Martin.

A hearing on the case will be scheduled for July 21 in a Puerto Rico court.

If domestic abuse with a relative is a felony charged with Martin, he could consider a sentence of up to 50 years if convicted.

Since Drucker filed his complaint against Ricky Martin in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 29

Lawyer Marty Singer says his fans are hoping Ricky Martin gets the help he needs