The winner of this year's 2022 MLB Home Run Derby is Juan Soto.

The Juan Soto beat Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez

Playing with the air horn at the Dodger Stadium, Soto won by 19 runs. And he won in strong fashion after an outstanding performance from rookie Rodriguez.

Juan Soto won the final round by scoring 19 runs while Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez's scored 18.

At 23 years and 266 days, Soto became the second youngest player to win the Derby.

He is the second Washington National winner and the first Dominican-born champion since Robinson Canoe.

Rodriguez made a sensational start in the second round, scoring 63 home runs to oust Corey Seeger and Alonso.

42-year-old Albert Pujols, who surprisingly defeated Kyle Schwarber after a swing-off in the quarterfinals.

It was the youngest home run derby final ever in MLB history.

Ken Griffey Jr., another young Mariner, makes the nation realize how special he is.