Top 10 tech company customer service numbers you are looking for, like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple.

You can use the call number or chat function on an official site, but scammers make it hard to trust them.

Whenever you need help, always go to the company's official website to get contact information.

With this you can avoid scammers so that they can't steal your data

This Google search for the phone numbers of the tech company is quite dangerous.

Scammers work on systems to get fake websites and phone numbers as top search results through advertisements.

In this I am giving you the contact numbers of some companies, which I have taken from official sites, you can check if you want.

Amazon: 888-280-4331 Microsoft: 800-642-7676 Apple: 800-275-2273 Google: 650-253-0000 Meta (Facebook and Instagram): 650-543-4800

Tesla: 888-518-3752 Roku: 816-272-8106 Samsung: 800-726-7864 PayPal: 888-221-1161 Zoom: 888-799-9666