What’s Trending On Netflix July 23 , 2022 : Watch Top Movies And Shows

This week we are going to list down 10 Netflix shows and movies that are going to make your weekend even more fun.

Here we bring you the top trending Netflix movies and shows on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

Top 10 Movies on Netflix in America (U.S.) on July 23, 2022

Sing 2 is back in the U.S. with its zany cast of characters. Sits at the top of the list of trending Netflix movies in the world.

1. Sing 2 2. The Sea Beast 3. Persuasion 4. CHIPS 5. 12 Strong

6. Girl In The Picture 7. The Man From Toronto 8. Pan 9. Mean Girls 10. Trading Paint

Coming at number two is the animated film The Sea Beast. Also there are many other popular movies

Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix in America (U.S.) on July 23, 2022

Virgin River, Stranger Things and Resident Evil are ranked first, second and third respectively, with All American: Homecoming in the number four spot once again.

1. Virgin River 2. Stranger Things 3. Resident Evil 4. All American: Homecoming 5. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

6. Alone 7. Alba 8. Extraordinary Attorney Woo 9. The Umbrella Academy 10. Married At First Sight