Which movie to watch this weekend: 'Zombies 3' review: Take me to your cheerleader

Zombie 3 has arrived on Disney+, but it has been confirmed that it is the final film in the series.

Milo Mannheim, 21, a newcomer to the Zombies franchise, will star as Zombie Z in the third film to premiere Friday on Disney+

The zombies of "Zombies" and the werewolves of "Zombies 2" share difficulties with Black and Indigenous Americans, respectively—it's suspect at best.

To whet the appetite for its imminent release, here's what you need to know about Zombies 3.

In a variation of the previous films, Zombie 3 will premiere worldwide exclusively on Disney+ on July 15, 2022.

But Z's college dreams and cheer championship are thrown into chaos when aliens descend upon their peaceful town.

Edison's vapid cousin, Bucky (Trevor Tordjman), laments, "These aliens are here to be ours."

Aliens represent undocumented immigrants!

After clearly learning nothing in the previous two films, the citizens must learn to accept the other group of outsiders.

If you watch this with your favorite kid, beware: There's more to it than just 90 minutes of stupidity.